We Provide Seamless Set Up
for Commercial & Home Audio/Video Needs.
Simple Set Up, LLC  knows it takes time, experience, patience & know-how to create optimum home and commercial audio/video rooms, theaters and automation systems. Simple Set Up also knows that many businesses and consumers have trouble managing and maximizing their technology investments.  
Simple Set Up makes life simple!
With our more than 50 years of collective industry experience, let Simple Set Up take the confusion and guess work out of your audio/video set up needs in your commercial or home space. Simple Set Up can make your life simple by de-mystifying, identifying equipment and managing the installation of systems you want and need to complete your audio/video needs.
We now offer security cameras and DVR systems.  Call or email for details.
What We Can Do For You:
  • From consulting to set up, we can work with you and explain along the way or simply take over your project and deliver your solution.
  • We can help you make sense of commercial and home automation terms and consult on building your entire system.
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