About Us
We have the answers to some of these most pressing audio and video needs:
  • Want to know the most energy efficient equipment for your home or office?
  • Need help connecting your new or existing audio/video components?
  • Need help connecting equipment through a network or wireless network?
  • Need advice on wiring and placement of equipment in your home or office?
  • Need help shopping and negotiating prices for equipment?
  • Want a solution to having too many remotes?
  • Have trouble programming your remotes?
  • Want to know what type of bracket you need to hang your flat screen TV?
  • Want to know the difference between a DLP, DILA, LCoS or SXRD?
  • Want to know the difference between Plasma and LCD?
  • Need to find a good video security system?
George Hughes, owner of Simple Set Up, has an enormous appetite and passion for technology.  As far back as he can remember, he has classified himself as an audiophile. His passion for technology was enhanced in the early nineties when he obtained a position with CompUSA corporate in Atlanta, Georgia.  After working for CompUSA for 3 years, he briefly had a position with a technology services company.  He was then recruited by Dell Computer Corporation in Austin, Texas. While employed with Dell, he was able to see technology progress at a hefty pace from the inside of the number one and biggest computer company in the world. He was able to gain a better understanding of consumer electronics and buying behavior after accepting a position as a sales rep and then operations manager for Tweeter, Inc. It was this retailer-to-consumer experience that allowed George to understand consumer needs and wants as well as an inside scoop to retailer strategies. He navigates these strategies while consulting clients of Simple Set Up.
Additionally, he has a love for many different types of movies and music, especially those with amazing audio and visual effects.  Check out his music and movie demos in the RECOMMENDATIONS section that will amaze the eardrums of other audiophiles around the world.
Bill Benson is an Information Technology professional with more than 13 years of experience in the field. His skill set includes computer networking, email support, resolving desktop and laptop issues, server support, WindowsÒ, and Microsoft Office®. He provides large and small organizations with his consulting and support services. Bill supported a variety of industries, including non-profits, corporations, and government agencies. Bill led a technology refresh project for New Birth Missionary Baptist Church where he upgraded their information technology for a staff of two hundred people. He upgraded the email system for the State Attorney General of Georgia’s office. He upgraded the email systems for companies with 1000 employees such as EMS Technologies and up to 10,000 employees such as Lend Lease. Bill also has set up computers and computer networks for companies as small as 15 users. In addition to his work experience Bill has the following Microsoft certifications: MCSE-Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, MCP-Microsoft Certified Professional, MCTS-Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist. He has attended several relevant training classes to keep up with the industry over the years. He has his bachelor’s degree from Morehouse College.
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