"George has always been an avid "tech" guy when it comes to home theater, cell phones, cameras, pda's and computers.  If it plugs in and has a screen George is your guy.  Quite knowledgeable of cutting edge electronics, I often consult with him long distance via phone/email for the simplest and most complicated gadgets that are in my life.  He tends to take the time to see what my understanding of my new toy might be before he dives in and rolls his sleeves up.  That really helps, because he is able to meet me on my low-tech level.  My quality of life has been greatly enhanced in the past with his consulting services.  I have been able to fully enjoy my home theater and audio devices." 
                                        - C. Baptiste, Austin, TX
“Creating a home theater was all new to me, and it could have been very intimidating, but I totally trusted the team at Simple Setup to guide me in the right direction in building my home theater based on my needs and my budget. They didn’t try to oversell me on things I didn’t need, but they did make recommendations that would prepare me for my future needs.”     
   - B. Helgager, Atlanta, GA 
“I recently purchased a new iPod and had downloaded all the appropriate software when I realized that my hard drive was too small to host all the music I had.  I decided to purchase an external drive and transfer all my data. Upon transferring the music, I realized I had "lost" a significant amount of it.  Dismayed, I contacted Simple Set Up at the suggestion of a colleague.  George provided timely, efficient and spot-on assistance. Within 15 minutes, I was "up and running".  George was incredibly knowledgeable, patient and eager to assist.  I have and will continue, to recommend Simple Set Up...THANKS GEORGE!”    
   - R. Winslow, New York, NY
Thank you so much for helping us purchase and directing us in the installation of our home entertainment theater. From beginning to end your professionalism and courtesy along with exceptional knowledge were greatly appreciated.  Thanks again!!
   - Mike and Marta Leo, Atlanta, GA 
"I always run any electronic question by George.  He has a great knowledge of all and can find the best deal for any budget."
   - Maurice Benson, Austin, TX
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